About Us

The idea for our chemical-free pest control, the ThermoNox® heat treatment, was developed in 1994 in the flour milling industry. From the outset, we have worked with a leading insurance agency and a German association for food and restaurant businesses to develop a complete, safe, and effective way to control pests without the need for harmful chemicals.

ThermoNox® GmbH was founded by Hans Hofmeir and Martin Hofmeir in 1997, and both continue to lead our company as CEOs. Both Hans and Martin have extensive expertise in process systems engineering and milling.

No matter how challenging the situation may appear. At ThermoNox®, Development, distribution, and implementation processes are working jointly for easy and effective implementation. The patented ThermoNox® treatment is available worldwide.

We work with sustainable, state-of-the-art technology to eradicate pests effectively. One of our core strengths is to work with and for our clients to fit each individual need.

We are outcome oriented and understand the need to incorporate specific client interests.

Our equipment is Made in Germany and maintained by technicians trained in Germany.

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