Function description

How the ThermoNox® heat treatment eradicates pests without the need for chemicals

The ThermoNox® treatment is based on the inactivation of living cells through thermal denaturation. Stored product pests, moths, woodboring beetles, or bed bugs are effectively killed by heating a room or building to a pre-determined temperature. This treatment will eliminate all adult bed bugs, but also remove eggs, larvae and all other stages of the insect life cycle.

One of the main considerations for our heat treatment is the target temperature range:

  1. The temperature has to be maintained at a minimum of 122 - 140 °F (50 - 60 °C) for a pre-determined period of time.
  2. At the same time, this target temperature cannot not be exceeded as extreme heat could potentially damage furniture or machinery.

The ThermoNox® treatment can be useful in a number of different situations:

  • Carefully-controlled warm-up process:

    Warming the air gradually minimizes wasteful energy consumption and reduces potential damage and stress on structural parts throughout the heating process.

  • Recirculating air and convection throughout the heating process:

    The ambient air is warmed by recirculation through powerful heaters. As such, thermal bridges are avoided and an optimal distribution of temperature can be achieved. Recirculating the air ensure that entire structure is heated in a homogenous way.

  • Strict control of the target temperature range:

    The temperature is regulated by three thermostats that directly interface with the heatering units. Using precise heat-regulation, we are able to safely treat highly sensitive electronics and instrumentation.

  • Treatment under hazardous conditions:

    Our ThermoNox® heaters can be used in locations even if there is a risk of dust explosions due to the materials handled at this location. The maximum temperature is limited by a special circuitry within each heater. Our ThermoNox® heaters are highly versatile and can be used in all building types and structures.

Only ThermoNox® allowes you to achieve maximum pest control with maximum protection of heat damage.