Common types of ThermoNox® applications

Food sectors

  • Food processing
  • Farming and Mills
  • Bakeries
  • Baby food manufacturers
  • Restaurants

Animal food sectors

  • Pet Food
  • Animal feed

Bed bugs

  • Residential properties, dormitories, and public institutions
  • Hospitality industry: hotels, motels, and youth hostels
  • Travel industry: trains, airplanes, and vehicles

Non-food sectors

  • Tobacco industry
  • Textile industry and retail stores
  • Woodboring insects and wood treatments (IPPC standard (ISPM15))

Drying rooms and indoor climate enhancement

Bühler (Switzerland) is a processing technologies partner for plant, equipment and services. Hauni (Germany) is supplier of to the tobacco industry. Both Bühler and Hauni use our ThermoNox®-system and certify their machines as heat treatment-proof.

The ThermoNox® treatment cannot be implemented in the following situations:

  • Commodities such as flour or grain
  • Grain elevators
  • Open structures – the building needs to be failry air-tight
  • Isolated roof trusses and wooden floors