The ThermoNox® system complies with the following safety standards:

  • Use in potentially (dust) explosive atmospheres (EU Regulation 94/9/EG, aka ATEX 100a)
  • Ex II 3 D classification
  • Proven and certified for continuous operation in zone 22

Avoiding heat damages

  • The temperature is sensed by three thermostats, which in return automatically regulate the heaters. Maintaining a moderate temperature of 50-60 °C avoids heat damages.

Safety and effectiveness

  • Certified by the FSA (Research Establishment for Applied System Safety and Health) for the use of pest control in grain and flour processing businesses.

Insurance coverage

  • The ThermoNox® system is certified by a leading German insurance agency as not increasing risk and therefore not increasing insurance fees.

Quality Made in Germany

  • The ThermoNox® heat treatment system was invented by Hans Hofmeir and Martin Hofmeir. ThermoNox® machines are built and maintained in Germany exclusively.

After use and return the whole rented equipment
is checked for function and safety.